New development firmware release v1.19.0.b2

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    Hello everyone,

    We have now released the next weekly development firmware v1.19.0.b2

    Important: This firmware uses a different file system that is not compatible with the file system of the stable version (1.18.0 at the time of this post) and there is no migration. All scripts on your device will be lost when switching between the stable and development firmware!

    To flash the new firmware, please choose Type: development in the firmware update tool (make sure you're using the latest version as the firmware packages rely on the new script engine in the firmware updater!)


    Updates since the previous release v1.19.0.b1:

    • The source code is now available

    • extmod: handling block devices with block count < 32k

    • extmod: updates fsformat() to Format fs with FAT/FAT32 according to device size

    • extmod: fix SD card formating problem whe no filesystem is present

    • Jenkinsfile: updated file to use Dev branch of IDF idf_dev & make release

    • extmod: fix SD card formating problem whe no filesystem is present

    For those of you building the source code, it is no longer necessary to build the bootloader and application spearately.

    There is also a new make target make release which builds the firmware package compatible with the Pycom firmware update tool. See for more details.

    Be sure to use the idf_dev branch of pycom-esp-idf

    As with the main firmware, when switching between master and idf_dev branch, make sure you update the submodules: git submodule update

    Looking forward to reading your feedback...

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    Just a quick note to say there will be no new development release this weekend.

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    @rcolistete Indexes have been updated... sorry for the delay.

  • Please upload the v1.19.0.b2 firmware files to :, etc

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