update firmware in linux on Expansion Board v3

  • hi,
    I try to update the V3 Exp Board on Linux .
    I installed dfu-util
    I made the following :

    • Disconnect the USB cable
    • Hold down the S1 button on the shield
    • Connect the USB cable
    • Keep the S1 button pressed for at least one second
    • Release the button. When the board is connected in DFU-mode, it will be in this state for 7 seconds.

    If you enter for list:
    $> dfu-util -l
    you get :
    Found Runtime: [04d8:ef99] devnum=0, cfg=1, intf=0, alt=0, name="UNDEFINED"

    So I enter the command:
    $>dfu-util -D ./expansion3_0.0.9.dfu
    and I get as answer :
    "Cannot open device
    Opening DFU USB device... "
    and nothing else but the prompt: $

    Do I make it correct ? How do I know that it is correct or not?
    Is there a mistake ?

  • @tealbrains & @Xykon : thanks all , that was that ! sudo dfu-util -D ./expansion3_0.0.9.dfu -R -v (I had added my user to dialout group already : not enought)

  • administrators

    @prx Did you give r+w access to the serial devices for the current user?

    On most Linux systems this is done using sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER (you'll need to logout and/or reboot for the change to become effective).

  • @prx try sudo

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