The LoPy is Shipping - Important Info

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    Some of you will have started receiving your LoPy pledges and we thought it would be a good time to update progress on several fronts:


    The Team is busy finalising all orders and our expectation is that by tomorrow evening we will have ALL pledges shipped. We will then be dependent on the timelines of the various Country mail service providers which will range (from experience) between 1 day and 2 weeks.


    I note a comment from a backer regarding the invoice still showing an outstanding amount. The good news is we are good at technology, the bad news is we are not so good at operating all the CRM stuff :) Just ignore the payment request... of course we have received your pledge. On a more serious note, if you require an invoice showing full payment received, just email and we will do the rest.


    Daniel and the team are working flat-out to release tonight (12th October) the Pymakr version which will automatically flash the new firmware versions released for all Pycom modules. This Firmware uploading process will also enable you to automatically configure the correct frequency use for your LoPy module (LORA Frequency). I am writing this for those backers fortunate to have been first to receive their modules as for the bulk of you, by the time you receive the LoPy, this will already be in place.

    Firmware Updates

    The development of our modules is nothing short of a marathon. Whilst the hardware build will have been completed, our work does not stop here. We have several iterations of the firmware planned and the roadmap we have put in place will ensure that over the next coming months you get to understand the incredible performance of these modules. We took a decision not to delay the manufacturing / shipping process for the modules but this also meant our backers/customers would need to check-in for the firmware updates. We have planned a major firmware update on the 22nd October where you will see a big improvement in Bluetooth functionality. The ESP32 toolkit was simply not complete in time however we are making big strides daily and you will see the results shortly.


    We have the Pymate app ready for WiPy 1.0 however we will release the complete app also on the 22nd October on the App store to allow full control of the WiPy 2.0 and LoPy. We need the new firmware complete to ensure you have a positive experience with the app.

    Thats it for now. Feel free to email/post comments ( We value all your inputs and look forward to seeing what you connect with your LoPy modules.

    Best wishes,

    Fred and a very tired Pycom Team

  • @Bettina Doing my happy dance! :) Can't wait!

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    @wstallwood Thank you. very kind words. I will be sure to pass the great feedback onto a very tired team who have been working around the clock to make this happen. We all look forward to continue our great collaborations with you guys.

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    @mnelsoneorm Yes, we're 90% through shipments for KS so the rest will be shipping as of tomorrow.

  • @Bettina What about "pre-orders"? I did not get to the pledge in time so I pre-ordered on July 13th. Will those be shipping soon as well?

    Thank you


  • We were lucky enough to be one of the teams that had early access to the prototype boards but were still hyper excited when our shipment of production boards arrived today ! Thanks for your heroic efforts Daniel,Fred,Bettina and co for supporting the beta testers and getting the KS rewards shipped.

    We are so excited about what LoPy means to our plans around IoT we hardly know where to start !

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