signal strength pyscan antenna

  • I've tried the sample program available on GitHub to test the pyscan. All is working but I found the RFID antenna very weak. I've to put the rfid mifare card on the antenna at a specific spot to read the chip. This isn't necessarily with other boards, even the cheap one's have a better signal. Does anyone experience the same issue? does the antenna need to be calibrated by the software?

  • @dan thx for testing but shouldn't it be 2 - 5 cm instead of mm? At least that is my experience with other rfid/nfc boards. Several mm is nothing when using an enclosure...I can't imagine that this is the ultimate goal of the supplied antenna

  • Hi @patrick,

    We tested it with our engineering sample and were able to read Mifare Classic cards from several millimetres above the antenna.

  • Hi @dan,

    I am using the original antenna which came with the board. I've developed with different rfid boards (SL018, MF522) and none of them have the same issue. The lack of signal strength is only an issue with the PyScan board and antenna. I've tested with the supplied sample software.

  • Hi @patrick,

    Are you using the antenna that came with the Pyscan or a different one?

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