New development firmware release v1.19.0.b3

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    Hello everyone,

    We have now released the next development firmware v1.19.0.b3

    Important: This firmware has support for both FatFS and LittleFS and will default to using FatFS unless you set the correct File System when flashing the board. For this reason, you can only flash this firmware using the new beta firmware updater 1.15.2.b0 or by downloading the firmware file manually and flashing it via the local file option.

    Please set the desired file system type in Advanced Options (which is always activated when flashing development firmware)


    You can change the file system configuration from micropython using:

    pycom.bootmgr(fs_type=pycom.FAT) or pycom.bootmgr(fs_type=pycom.LittleFS)

    For more details please see pycom.bootmgr()

    For the latest documentation based on this release please use:

    Release notes:

    • esp32/core: Add support for FatFS & LittleFS

    • esp32/mods: Enabled wifi/bt after light sleep wakeup

    • esp32/mods/pycom: Add bootmgr() function to control application partition, filesystem type and safeboot

    • esp32/mods: added blutooth client re-connection after wakeup from light sleep + Server advertisments resume after light sleep wakeup

    • esp32/mods: feature to recover wifi connectivity after light sleep wakeup

    • esp32/mods/modbt: Remove unnecessary Api

    • esp32/ftp: Fix a bug were files are listed twice through FTP on LFS

    • esp32/sdkconfig.h: updated after IDF new version update

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