I2C bus error pytrack read_battery_voltage()

  • The pytrack regularly gives an i2c bus error when reading the battery voltage with the function "read_battery_voltage ()".
    The firmware of the pytrack read out with "read_fw_version ()" returns 8

    The information about the version of the pyncom that I retrieve with "os.uname ()" is:
    [0] LoPy4
    [1] LoPy4
    [2] 1.17.5.b6
    [3] v1.8.6-849-56d00234 on 2018-05-18
    [4] LoPy4 with ESP32
    [5] 1.0.2

  • @chvl
    I have the same issue with bus errors on battery read so I use a 'try' 'except' to catch the error and I limit my battery check to something reasonable - like every 10 minutes

    batt_check_interval = 600 # check the battery voltage every 10 minutes
    def readBattery():
        global vBatt
        global last_batt_check
        global batt_check_interval
        if(utime.time() - last_batt_check > batt_check_interval):
                vBatt = pytrack.read_battery_voltage()
                # keep track of time since last battery check
                last_batt_check = utime.time()
                print ('Battery read: ' + str(vBatt))
                if (vBatt < lowBatt):
                    # do more here
                    print ('Battery voltage: LOW')
            except Exception as e:
                print ('Battery read: ERROR')

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