Changing address in pymakr.conf has no effect

  • I have 2 LoPy's connected to my Mac via USB. When I change the address to upload my software in the second LoPy, it always connects to the first.
    It seems that changing the address in pymakr.conf and saving it has no effect...

  • Hi @zappfinger,

    Which version of Atom and Pymakr do you have? I have just tried using 2 LoPys and changing the address in the config file, it worked fine for me.

  • @zappfinger I get that a lot. Here's my logic:

    • Alter Address in pymakr.conf, save
    • Click in REPL to connect. Tries to connect to previous address.
    • Click Disconnect button, then Connect button. Still tries old address.
    • Press Reset on the device. Usually fixes it.
    • If all else fails, close and reopen Atom.

    Not ideal though!

    • Chris

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