New development firmware updater 1.15.2.b1

  • administrators

    I have released a new development firmware updater 1.15.2.b1

    Windows download
    MacOS download
    Linux downloads

    This version fixes a number of issues discovered in the previous release:


    • Fixes a bug that would cause the firmware updater to get stuck at a lower baudrate than requested


    • Improved progress output when using flash, copy and erase_fs commands


    • The firmware updater should now remember the last file flashed (if it still exists)

    • The Pybytes window should (hopefully) no longer appear unexpectedly

    • When using an Expansion Board 3.0 or Shield (Pyscan etc.), the firmware updater will now make 3 attempts to flash the board before throwing an error. This should mitigate some USB issues.

    As usual please let me know if you encounter any issues.

  • administrators

    @sympatron Sorry I misunderstood this previously. I interpreted it as the serial port being reset to the default speed value (which was actually true for the PIC based boards).

    I'll add this in the next release.

  • The serial port is still not saved.


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