lorawan nano Gateway Program

  • Hi everyone,
    Could anyone give me brief explanation with loraWan Nano gateway Program ?
    I will explain my situation clearly. I am using Lopy4 as a bridge,in between my device and a gateway( so now it is going to act as a gateway first when it fetch data from device,then it will act as a device when it sends the data to my gateway(everything should done by lorawan and not via Wifi).Hope it's clear ! So I need to understand briefly about the program. I just need to know whether I can do or not ? If yes,how to do that ? And where to modify in the code ?Thank you in Advance.

  • @robert-hh Thanks for your reply. Yeah exactly I am talking about repeater. Just let me know once they develop this part. Till then I will try to do by myself.

  • @harish-kumar Hellol Harish. You raised that question already last week, and it was told that a repeater software is being developed, which performs just what you are asking about.
    Besides that: yes, the uplink path seems easier. The downlink path is more complicated, because that has tighter timing restrictions.

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