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  • Hi All,
    I want to have 2 telnet session with 2 LoPy's from my PC.
    1st LoPy IP
    Then i have to change IP address of the second LoPy ( ?)
    Is this correct ? Is it easy to do so.


  • Ok.
    I will do this.
    Thanks for your advises

  • Okay, makes sense. In that case if you connect the 2 LoPys to your home router they will get different IP addresses in any case, unless you force a static IP address from the Python inside the LoPy (which you shouldn't).

    So just let them connect to the router, get their IP address and print the IP out over serial once. Next time you can use it for the telnet. In most cases they will always get the same address which is assigned to them by the router. You can also enforce that they always get the same address in most routers ("always use the same address" or similar).

    What I would also do is to put a kind of diagnostic mode in the LoPys. So that you can use telnet to your monitoring LoPy and give some command. That command would send a LoRa message to the sensor LoPy. That one would it turn answer with some acknowledgement message over LoRa which you can then display. That way you can test your connection to make sure it actually works.

  • Well yes indeed... 2 telnet sessions, each on for a LoPy.

    I would like to connect 2 LoPy's to make a mini-network using LoRa. The first (1) LoPy has a sensor and is located at @1.5 KM from the second (2)LoPy.
    LoPy (2) is inhouse and i can access to it with Wifi. So i will telnet (2) to monitor the data transmited from (1) to (2).

    Before to deploy, i want to be sure that the LoRa connection bewteen (1)-(2) is effective by Telnet each one.

    And... yes LOPy's will be ( for the configuration) connected to the same Wifi Router... I will check which the assignement done by the router.

  • Could be, but I don't think so. The address is only, if the LoPy acts as a base station. I that case the PC would have to connect to 2 WiFi networks (each LoPy opens one) at the same time. Which is not possible unless the PC has 2 WiFi interfaces in it.

    If both LoPys are connected to the same WiFi router as the PC, then in most cases they would have DHCP addresses, so the router would assign them different ones.

  • @stevie
    He ask for changing IP adress of lopy to listen for Telnet connection different then default not how to run two telnet software simultanously - wchich is simple as dbl clik and run

  • In general that's of course possible. It depends on the telnet program you are using if it does support multiple connections. Most do. On Linux for example just type "telnet". In another terminal type "telnet".

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