PyBytes OTA ?

  • Finally got around to testing pybytes, and got it working on GPY.
    My interest is in OTA, but that doesn't appear to be implemented as yet.

    Am I missing something or is that feature yet to be rolled out ?

    For me OTA is the only value add that pybytes brings to the table. We use Losant (MQTT) across a range of devices, so don't need another visualisation/data platform, but do need a OTA solution for pycom devices.


  • @tealbrains Hi,
    we removed checkbox for cat-m1 because there was no implementation done, it wasn't working.
    But now we started with the development of cat-m1 connections.

  • @mariano @timh Any news? I see some changes were made to Pybytes. We can no longer select Cat-M1 as the preferred method. The only value I see in Pybytes is OTA and firmware management. If this is not available for Cat-M1 enabled devices we won't be using it.

  • administrators

    Hi Tim, thanks for the feedback!
    We should launch this feature in the next few days!
    Users will be able to access the flash folder, edit "" and push the modifications to their devices.
    Stay tuned!

    Daniel Mariano


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