New firmware release v1.18.0.r1 for GPy and FiPy

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    Hello everyone,

    We have released a new firmware v1.18.0.r1 for GPy and FiPy that increases the UART RX buffer to improve the stability of the Sequans modem firmware update while streaming the firmware file from a PC.

    Please let us know if you encounter any issues

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    @robert-hh Because we only changed 3 lines of code and released only versions for GPy and FiPy. That didn't seem to warrant anything more than updating the release tag. In case you are wondering, 1.18.0 is considered a short form of 1.18.0.r0 as we consider r0 the default unless otherwise specified.

    From a viewpoint of our internal versioning algorithm, we have 4 different types of versions:

    1.18.0. a0 is an alpha version (only used internally), b0 is a beta (up until 1.18.0 everything was released as a beta even though the firmware updater treats them as stable), rc0 (release candidate, we never used this so far but we have the option for it) and r0 as stable release.

  • @xykon Why don't you call this version 1.18.1?

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