Confirm voltage criteria to use with wipy and I2C based digital barometer

  • Hello, I am using IC - MPL115A2 in Digital barometric sensor which is operated under 2.7v to 5.5v but not sure whether its possible to use same voltage supply which we are giving to wipy is good enough for these sensors or we have to give external supply ? I have just started monitor these kind of I2C based sensors and still going thorough confusion which I need to understand while interface through wipy, any kind suggestion on this will be helpful .

  • @nobo23 Accirdoig to the datasheet, you can operate that device from the 3.3V output of the WiPy. That matches the signal levels of the I2C interface. Since the module has built-in pull-up resistors (if you install the jumpers), you do not have to add additional ones.

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