Important update regarding LTE modem updates

  • Does anyone know what this command actually does? Is it necessary? Where do I find a full reference to all the available commands? I do not like developing product based on assumptions.
    These LTE issues have been dragging on for a long time now. Relying on spasmodic responses to forum posts is a very inefficient way for customers to impliment fixes and diminishes confidence in the product quality. Is there a better way to communicate with the Pycom Support team than through this forum.


  • @dan Could we get someone to update As noted by others, the AT!="zsp0:npc 1" command seems to fail now, yet it's still in the documentation. Do we need to replace it with something else?

  • @tuftec yep, same thing- Command zsp0::npc unknown

  • We have released an update (v1.18.1.r1) with updated scripts for modem upgrade. You can find the forum post here with more info.

    For the bricked modems, we are still working on the process. We'll make a post here on the forum when it's published.

  • @arneme Huawei eNodeB is supported, but the network operators could have specific protocol requirements.

  • I also managed to update ok. But this is my first attempt to get NB-IoT working.
    I get a message back from the modem indicating that it does not understand the zsp0:npc command.

    Anyone else seen this? What does it mean?


  • @robert-hh I did succeed in upgrading a couple of fipys. Thanks for your help.

  • @ioag The patch was published yesterday, and the github repository was updated. The new version is 1.18.1.r1.
    As a statistical irrelevant info: I have build the image from the repository and updated two FiPy's.

  • @tuftec I did not see any announcement for the patch. Is that safe to install? Have changed been loaded in github?.

  • Ok.

    The update using the new firmware 1.18.1r1 appears to work. At least the update part anyway.


  • @dan Will NB-IoT support for Huawei eNodeB based networks be part of the update? If not, what is the roadmap for that?

  • Hi everyone,

    We are finalising the update process and will be releasing the instructions next week. We spent the past few weeks working on this issue and making sure the update will fix the problems.

    Thank you for waiting, check back next week for more details!

  • Pybytes Beta

    @xykon I'm also waiting the firmware update for an NB-iot project, is it possible to have at least news of the progress of the solving issues.

  • @xykon Any ETA on when the firmware update will be available again? Currently I have a stalled project where I require CAT-M1 availability.

  • Not sure when you guys will have an ETA on this issue, yet do you mind providing us an alternate download link for the firmware...

  • tuftec beat me to the request for an update. "A few more days" has now extended out to a few weeks even though Pycom had " received two corrections from Sequans." Like others, I have Pycom hardware gathering dust while critical time is being lost. This needs to be made a top priority.

    Specific details on the 'two issues that cause the modem to become "bricked"' should also be shared with the community. The lack of details is concerning. Roger

  • Any further progress on this issue?
    I have developments dependant on nb-iot working.
    It has been 3 weeks since pulling the problematic firmware release.

  • @Xykon, add my +1 to sh4nnongoh's request for a description of the two issues. Is one of them power supply compliance? Thanks!

  • Can we please have an indication of when an updated solution for NB-IoT will be available for testing.

  • @xykon As others have said, thank you for the update. Waiting patiently.

    I'll also add my +1 to the above comments regarding "unbricking" or, at least, some other resolution for the devices which have been bricked.

    Lastly, it would be helpful to publish a "confirm the device is bricked" guidance. For instance, my device still responds to AT commands such as:


    Is that an indication that it is still functional? Or is it possible to be unable to perform its cellular functions ("bricked") while still responding to AT commands?

    Thanx again,

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