socket.getaddrinfo return false values

  • I did submit this issue a few weeks ago (rel 0.9.6). But no answer. I hoped it would be fixed in the 0.9.7b1 but the issue is always present :

    import socket
    mysite = ''
    addr = socket.getaddrinfo(mysite,  80)
    print(mysite,': ',addr)
    >>> :  [(2, 1, 0, '', ('', 80))]

    sometimes return
    the good values should be or

    Any idea ?

  • Problem is in the static parameters of the wlan.ifconfig()
    see explanations and fix in post :
    ATTENTION: socket.getaddrinfo() resolves to randon false IP Addresses

  • Just tested with 1.0.0b2 but no change

  • @livius yes Lopy is connected to Internet through the wifi interface.
    done in with a functional dns server specified in the wlan.ifconfig call.
    problem always present in the 1.0.0b1 release.

  • Info is false but
    did you connected your board to Internet?
    If yes - how?

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