Sipy sigfox functionality custom firmware.

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    I have written my own firmware for the sipy board to get wifi sniffing working. However this obviously removed the sigfox functionality from the board (due to the lack of python support after flash). Is there any documentation on how to interact with the sigfox module with C. Or examples would be preferable.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • @calvinblock44 Sigfox enforces that the devices that consume their service need to be registered manufacturers, the Pycom's Sigfox native library contains sensitive information and code that need to be packed and secured (As more as possible). From there you have two options, construct your wifi sniffing functionality over the official firmware or select a more appropriate hardware that fit your needs.

    Be aware also that if you are planning to create a final product using certified boards your are not allowed to modify the RF code because is highly possible to void the certification if the code modify the way of signal emission.

  • @calvinblock44 In my view you are expecting the wrong thing. Pycom makes board which are intended to be used with the Pycom firmware. Obviously you can write your own non-Micropython firmware, but then you are back to the basic chip vendor level support, like you might have done for the ESP32 wifi sniffing.
    If you look for examples: The pycom firmware is open source at, the Python-Sigfox API is at,
    and the (closed) sigfox library is at At least the header file is open.

  • I am becoming very disillusioned with pycom and the support that is offered. I have posted on this forum twice now with zero input from someone from pycom or their support team. We, as a company, have invested nearly 400 euros into these boards and peripherals and at the moment we cannot use them for the purpose we bought them. I would very much like a response to this post or a PM to help us achieve what we set out to achieve.

    Thank you

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