Codes size 1.18.0 vs. 1.19.0

  • Why is the firmware 1.19.0 about 200k larger than the version 1.18.0? The FiPy and LoPy4 builds exceed the size of the partition.

  • @robert-hh A further look revealed, that both the LOPY4 and FIPY image are below 1536k. Only if I add one of the IN865 or EU433 regions AND my favorite frozen scripts, the FIPY build exceed 1536k.
    Still some slimming is advised, or more room in the partition table.

  • @catalin The LoPy4 code is just a little bit too large, and so it fits, since there is a gap between the two image areas. But the Fipy code exceeds that, and loading always results in a flash checksum error on the next boot.

  • Hmm, openthread library is one big blob; I didn't pay lots of attention at code-size, as it worked fine on Lopy4.
    I've thought to optimise in a later release, some logging might still be enabled.

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