AT&T Cat M1 network and Gpy

  • Hello, Pycom Universe!

    We recently found out, while working with another Cat M1 cellular modem, that AT&T has a Cat M1 problem on their cell towers that utilize Nokia equipment (their towers with Ericsson equipment don't have this problem). Apparently as the modem is first registering to the tower, the Nokia equipment pushes invalid configuration information to the modem, and when the process fails, the Nokia equipment gets hung in a loop continuing to push the same invalid configuration info over and over again. We have also been told that Verizon has the same problem with their towers that have Nokia equipment utilizing their Cat M1 network.

    There have been firmware patches made at the modem level to get around the problem, which is possible on both networks, but although Verizon has approved such patches, AT&T has wanted this particular modem manufacturer to delay sending out the patch, until their next scheduled release of firmware in September. We have also been told that Nokia has planned to fix the problem at the tower level by December (ie. the modem patch won't be necessary after that).

    We are wondering if Pycom / Sequans has also had this problem with the Nokia tower equipment? And whether firmware patches are available? Is this the reason for the current delay in getting the Gpy working with Cat M1 networks in the USA? If not, what is the problem, and when is it expected to be fixed? Is there anyone in the USA that has had success with getting the Gpy to work on the AT&T Cat M1 network? What about on the Verizon Cat M1 network? What about on the TMobile NB-IOT network? Please share your working experience --- let's all pool our resources to get the Gpy out of the gate.


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