Store and forward usign SD card for lopy

  • Hi,
    I am Using Lopy 4 with expansion board 3 + SD card.
    Lora nanogateway have 2 lopy devices one as node other as gateway

    At Lora node I want try store data in SD card when Lora network is down and send those data when Lora connection is up

    1)How to detect Lora connection is down at any point of time
    2) Store and Forward using SD card
    Kindly share some lights on this area thanks in advance

  • @shiva-shankar There is not something like a Lora connection. You only can send messages, and if you're lucky, they arrive. At most, you can ask for confirmation when sending. But confirmation messages account for the downlink budget, and that is (intended to be) limited.

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