• Where can I find the schematic for the 3.0 expansion board? Also, I suggest that when you have the board assembled, you request that the rows of holes between the WiPy connector and the headers be masked so they will be free of solder. That way, headers can be inserted from the solder side so the exp. board can be plugged into a project board.

  • @dan
    So be it. But, why provide a schematic for the 2.0 expansion board, but not the 3.0 board? I don't want to build my own board. I just want to know what is wired to what. I'm an EE. I care about these things.

  • @dan If you are afraid of having your hardware pirated and sold on ebay or aliexpress (as happened to the poor Saleae guys), not publishing the schematic will probably hold up counterfeiters only for a short time.

    But it really hurts us developers. Having to follow PCB traces under the microscope just to figure out how to use your boards is unacceptable. If you really want to address the professional market, you should rethink your documentation strategy.

  • @dan PyCom is very anxious for sharing their designs. But making an expansion board is not rocket science. So it should be pretty easy to make one which serves for the purpose.

  • @vern-muhr it's a proprietary design, so I'm afraid we can't share it. If you'd like to license the technology, email

  • @dan

    Any Ides where the SCHEMATIC is?

  • Hi @vern-muhr,

    Have you looked at this page in the documentation? The pinout and datasheet can be found there.

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