Safe boot on Pysense (again, schematic?!)

  • How do I activate safe boot on a Pysense board? Doc says hold P12 high at reset, but as we have no schematic I can only guess how P12 is connected on the Pysense board. Is there going to be any collision if I just connect P12 to +3V3?
    How is the user button on this board connected? Can I rewire it to act as safe boot button?

    BTW did I say already how frustrating this is without schematic?

  • Hi @martinnn,

    Thanks for noticing, I've forwarded it to the team and we'll work on that. These shortcuts work in Atom, but they clash with VSCode's shortcuts.

  • @martinnn Ctrl-F might work with something like Putty or Telnet. If a terminal emulator does not forward characters to the board, then CTRL-F will not work. Also, if the board does not respond to interrupts any more.
    I agree that PyCom's design of the extension boards leaves some room for improvement. At least, all of the should allow easy access to the module's pins.

  • @robert-hh Thanks! Ctrl-F is a good idea, however often the board gets unresponsive and needs a hard reset (if it is not hung up, Ctrl-F works fine).
    Also, Ctrl-F does not work in VSCode, it opens the find window instead... nice try. Lets hope they switch the command to something accessible... Ctrl-G seems to do nothing in VSCode.

    Regarding the user button: Well I see it is connected to P14 (and G4, whatever that is). But does it switch to GND or VCC? Where else it is connected to?
    Looking through the microscope one can see one side of the button is connected via thermals to a (GND) plane. The other side goes to a via and the cathode side of a diode and then via 100k to VCC. So it would probably work the wrong way (as it switches to GND and safe boot would require switching to VCC).

    Did I already say I hate reverse engineering this board due to lack of documentation?

  • @martinnn With newer firmware, CTRL-F at a terminal or Telnet sesion activates a safe boot. And the Pinout of Pysense tells, that the button is connected to P14.

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