QAM modulated signal over LoPy - simple p2p

  • Hi guys, I want to try LoPy with catv application , the basic idea to use decoder in order to de-modulate RF signal to hdmi feed for example and wirelessly transfer it from LoPy transmitter to receiver and convert it back to QAM, for testing I will be using hdmi qam modulator. But here is one problem how to get qam modulation type and let the modulator know on receiver's site how to modulate it back. Do you have any links with tutorials? I would appreciate any advice, thank you!

  • @thickglass ,
    Assuming you are referring to using the LoRa radio: even in (impossibly) perfect conditions, it can only do 512Kbps. The codec hardware you linked to says to expect rates between 6000 to 8000Kbps, an order of magnitude more than what LoRa can do.

    It's better to think of LoRa as a means of transporting telemetry (periodic, small data transmissions). Media transport, by comparison, is sustained indefinitely over time and has a large amount of data. WiFi is better for this purpose, but it's still not really all that good.

    Hopefully that helps.

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