Pymakr on Debian unstable/testing mix

  • The files for generating the Debian packaging aren't in the source repo, so debugging this is a tad difficult.

    It appears that the .deb package tries to install without pulling in its prerequisites. My attempt at guessing them so far has failed. I'm stuck with QLabel not being imported. The dump is appended with whatever random reformatting.

    I need this to install firmware and evaluate the LoPy for our BLE uses later this week. (And I would hugely prefer email or newsgroup access (NNTP). Yes, I'm an old fuddy duddy. Juggling email when disconnected is much easier.)

    ejr@qNaN:~$ pymakr
    Python 2.7.13rc1
    An unhandled exception occurred. Please report the problem
    using the error reporting dialog or via email to
    A log has been written to "/home/ejr/.pymakr/pymakr_error.log".

    Error information:

    2016-12-12, 17:04:26

    <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>:
    cannot import name QLabel

    File "/usr/share/pymakr/modules/", line 368, in <module>
    File "/usr/share/pymakr/modules/", line 288, in main
    from UI.SplashScreen import SplashScreen, NoneSplashScreen
    File "/usr/share/pymakr/modules/UI/", line 16, in <module>
    from PyQt5.QtGui import QPixmap, QColor, QLabel

    Version Numbers:
    Python 2.7.13rc1
    Qt 5.7.1
    PyQt 5.7
    sip 4.18.1
    QScintilla 2.9.3
    WebKit 538.1
    Pymakr 1.0.0.b7

    Platform: linux2
    2.7.13rc1 (default, Dec 4 2016, 14:12:39)
    [GCC 6.2.1 20161124]

    Distribution Info:
    PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux stretch/sid"
    NAME="Debian GNU/Linux"

  • apt-get install python-qt4

  • hi @jasonriedy,

    Pymakr is not yet compatible with PyQt5. A fix for this will be included in the next release, which is planned for the start of next week.

    I'll talk to some colleagues and will try to get some code published that will allow you to build the packages yourself.


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