Can't install the firmware upgrader on W10

  • The install of the firmware upgrader in W10 failed:
    "An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:
    MoveFile failed; code 5.
    Accés refusé."
    Note that the downloaded installer was executed as admin...
    Thanks for any help

  • @ropito Bon jour ropito... I'm stuck between the antivirus and the w10 with the same error as you was but I can understand what do you clean in the register... Any advice wellcome!


  • Hi,
    Thanks for your concern.
    Actually I am afraid the problem was a w10 one, although it's the first time in my (long) life that I have troubles with a windows installer.
    I cleaned everything including windows register, restarted computer and installation of the firmware upgrader finally turned fine.
    This why I can tell you now the upgrader version is 1.15.1.
    I am now going a step further... and use it.
    BTW the doc about upgrading firmware does not mention using a USB-UART adapter, but only expansion boards. Hope there is no trap overthere: just connect G23 to ground ?

  • Hi @ropito,

    Could you tell me the version of your firmware upgrader? (you can find it on the first screen after opening it)

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