Pymakr V2 fails on recent recent Debian distr

  • Pymakr installs on Ubuntu 18.04 and Mint19. But is unable to run Ubuntu 18.04 (merely an Ubuntu Qt problem) but fully on Debian Mint19 distr. The main issue is that PyMakr is just half way between the Qt4 lib and Qt5 lib transition.
    Due to this the PyCom/LoPy project developments are stalled now.
    Any suggestions to enable the development PyMakr tooling?
    Some issues may be solved as follows:
    QLabel and QFrame inport from QtWidgets (not QtGui)
    Use of some QtGui attributes to be replaced by QtWidgets (iso QtGui).
    Conclusion: PyMakr Release 2 is not ready for Linux/Debian.

  • @dan said in Pymakr V2 fails on recent recent Debian distr:

    ould you try using one of them with the plugin?

    Hi Dan,
    I'm seeing the following when I search for the Pymakr in the Atom packages list:


    Is there a solution to this?


  • Hi @teus, I'm glad you're up and running again!

  • Thanks so much. I owe you a beer.
    The problem was: Google shows a long history and pointed me to problem page at PyCom for PyMakr as newest update for Linux (a beta version...).
    Solution was: delete PyMakr-atom dir from ~/.atom/packages/
    Download and install atom IDE package from webiste.
    Download pymakr-atom from github and run "apm install" (apt install apm if needed).
    Look at te if one has serial problems for python2.7.
    Seems I have my development environment back again.
    Much thanks.

  • Hi @Teus,

    The old Pymakr IDE has been discontinued and replaced with the Pymakr plugin for Atom and VSCode. Could you try using one of them with the plugin?

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