Pymakr install on Mac Yosemite failed

  • I'm not able to install Pymakr on a Mac.

    I've installed (pymakr_setup_1.0.0.b7.dmg) to a Mac OS 10.10.5, MacPorts (MacPorts-2.3.5-10.10-Yosemite.pkg) and xCode (Version 7.2.1 (7C1002)).

    After installing and starting the application with Ctrl-key pressed, nothing happens but an output on the console:

    16-12-16 10:34:02,024[1]: (com.pycom.pymkr.78984[708]) Service exited with abnormal code: 1

    16-12-16 10:34:13,388 mdworker[714]: code validation failed in the process of getting signing information: Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-67062 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -67062.)" UserInfo=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SecCSArchitecture=i386}

    Anyone an idea?

  • @hvingen
    Hi, I guess your problem is related to unidentified developer.
    You should check your security settings for it. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and in the General pane on the bottom you see Allow Apps downloaded from: and select Anywhere.

  • Hi @hvingen,

    Thanks for the feedback. Pymakr used to be able to handle moving to a different folder, but a recent added feature caused this bug you posted when you move the app's location. It causes a wrong path in the ini file of Pymakr, which 1.0.0.b3 indeed fixed. I added this to our task list.


  • Hi,

    I deleted the latest version (version 1.0.0.b7) and thereafter I installed an older version of Pymakr ( version 1.0.0.b3). After that the problem was gone. Than I installed the latest version over the older one. The application Pymakr works fine again.


  • My question is now. How can I do a proper uninstall of Pymakr.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi @Ralph,

    Oh yes, I selected the option for acknowledging non-signed app privileges. I jumped over to another Mac, and had succes. works now ..

    Later on I wil check your CLI step..

    I wanted to organise my Applications folder. So I moved the to another folder (named: _Development). That crashes the app.... So I moved it back to it original postion in the Applications folder.

    The app now fails to start in a proper way.. Every startup of Pymakr comes with this popup:

    2016-12-16, 16:59:57

    <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>:
    'PluginPycomStyle' object has no attribute 'editorColorsDefaults'

    File "/Applications/_Development/", line 87, in preferencesChanged
    File "/Applications/_Development/", line 180, in __loadPythonColors
    File "/Applications/_Development/", line 159, in __applyMonokaiPython
    lexer.setPaper(self.editorColorsDefaults['EditAreaBackground'], i)

    Version Numbers:
    Python 2.7.12
    Qt 4.8.7
    PyQt 4.11.4
    sip 4.18.1
    QScintilla 2.9.3
    WebKit 534.34
    Pymakr 1.0.0.b7

    Platform: darwin
    2.7.12 (default, Jun 29 2016, 12:52:38)
    [GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 7.0.2 (clang-700.1.81)]

    Plugins Version Numbers:
    PluginAbout 6.1.0
    PluginAboutPymakr 1.0.0
    PluginCodeStyleChecker 6.1.0
    PluginCompletionJedi 1.0.3
    PluginEricapi 6.1.0
    PluginEricdoc 6.1.0
    PluginFeedback 1.0.0
    PluginFullUI 1.0.0
    PluginLiteUI 1.0.0
    PluginPycomDevice 1.0.0
    PluginPycomStyle 1.0.0
    PluginPycomSync 1.0.0
    PluginREPL 1.0.0
    PluginSyntaxChecker 6.1.0
    PluginTabnanny 6.1.0
    PluginUpdate 1.0.0
    PluginVcsMercurial 6.1.0
    PluginVcsPySvn 6.1.0
    PluginVcsSubversion 6.1.0
    PluginVmListspace 6.1.0
    PluginVmTabview 6.1.0
    PluginWizardE5MessageBox 6.1.0
    PluginWizardPyRegExp 6.1.0
    PluginWizardQColorDialog 6.1.0
    PluginWizardQFileDialog 6.1.0
    PluginWizardQFontDialog 6.1.0
    PluginWizardQInputDialog 6.1.0
    PluginWizardQMessageBox 6.1.0
    PluginWizardQRegExp 6.1.0
    PluginWizardQRegularExpression 6.1.0

  • Hi @hvingen,

    I haven't seen this error before. It looks like something to do with the fact that the app is not signed. Normally that shouldn't be a problem though. Did you change any settings on the mac related to signing or app privelages, to a higher security level?

    Can you try running it from the commandline and see if you get any errors? The script to start it is in:


    Let me know what you find.


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