Help I dont know how to connect simple sensors as DHT11 or anothers

  • Hello everyone.

    I bought a pack of Lopy 2 months ago and now i wonder if i have made a good purcharse.

    First of all I hoped to be able to use the Bluetooth but seems that I have to discard that posibility for the moment. I thought it was going to be at the end of november and still nothing.

    I could be sucesfull connecting with a simple lora code 2 Lopys between them, or use the MQTT with HiveMQ.Good. However, what am i going to send?Just random messages or "Hello world from Lopy1"?

    I have tried to read the data of a DHT11 or another sensors such the ultrasonic one, the sound detector and more stuff. Some of them are possible to being used with the Esp8266 and micropython. But seems that there is no "translation" for the Lopys. I tried to change the way to read them, but I dont obtain nothing. And there is almost little info about this. I dont know if there is code somewhere nowadays, I have research during 2 weekends with lack of success.

    Is someone that know more about this?I feel to being stuck. Thanks in advance.

  • Sure but I always obtain the max values, which means that it is not working.

    I tested with a voltage supplier and checked that the voltage is correct.

    Or maybe I have to try with another Lopys who knows

  • And what about the devices?How i can read some of them like the Dht11?

  • @Fred said in Pycom Is recruiting!:

    1. The firmware development is going extremely well and we will be releasing the new version this Friday... and yes we have co-existency on the ESP32 for WiFi/BLE. Daniel will issue the release documentation at the same time. Big thank you to the Espressif / Pycom dev teams whom have done a great job to get this done in time. Obviously a Big Thank you to you all for your patience!
      Best wishes

    So, today should be new firmware release with BLE support.

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