"Run" and "Upload" buttons gone after deep sleep wake up in Atom

  • I'm using PyMakr (1.4.2) in Atom (1.30.0) and am having problems with some disappearing buttons after a deep sleep wake up.

    Normally device (Pytrack with WiPy3) connects to Atom no problem and I see all the buttons:

    When I run this code:

    from pytrack import Pytrack
    py = Pytrack()
    py.setup_sleep(1) #sleep for 1s

    and reconnect my device then the buttons bar looks like this:

    If I close Atom and reopen it then the buttons reappear as per usual. It's pretty annoying to have to close and reopen the program every time I run a test though...Does anyone know why the important buttons disappeared and how to make them come back?

    Note: this only happens when I use py.go_to_sleep() not when I use machine.deepsleep(1)

  • Yup, still the same lack of buttons after disconnect/reconnect

  • @alexpul What happens if you disconnect/reconnect? Still the same?

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