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    Dear all,

    As you will have seen, we were able to release the new Espressif IDF 1.0 yesterday evening which is a major step forward. One important feature (which has been very problematic to both Espressif and Pycom teams) has been that of WiFi / BLE co-existence. Whilst this week's release only enables scans, next week will see that beefed up.

    I note the disappointment at the limited BLE functionality however I cannot make enough of a point around this release. We finally got the 2 networks on the same chip up and running. I can tell you that this feature alone had both teams in Eindhoven and Shanghai up late nights due to the memory crashes this was causing. We got there, we did it and now have the easier task of building up the stack left to do. You will see big improvements on this.

    Please do not take this as us patting ourselves on the back. I'm just trying to explain the what went on in the background to make this possible.

    I also read some mention of 30% functionality achieved to date. I can safely say that is not the case but again I take away from this that we need to tell you the final releases to come your way and you can expect to see something from Daniel on this in the next day or so.

    We are making major strides forward thanks to you. We have come a long way in the past 11 months with 5 network boards introduced and 50% price reduction on the new OEM modules. These final firmware upgrades will be completed shortly. We have an exciting year ahead with a great product roadmap for you. Thank you again for your support.

    Best wishes

  • yes @daniel
    this is amazing that this was so simple like wrong password from some old documentation :)
    connected two wipy2 together -

    I (6100) wifi: n:6 1, o:6 0, ap:255 255, sta:6 1, prof:6
    I (7074) wifi: state: init -> auth (b0)
    I (7077) wifi: state: auth -> assoc (0)
    I (7086) wifi: state: assoc -> run (10)
    I (7101) wifi: connected with wipy-wlan-6ec2, channel 6
    WLAN connection succeeded!
    MicroPython v1.8.6-251-g2fb950d on 2016-12-16; WiPy with ESP32
    Type "help()" for more information.
    >>> Connected to AP wipy-wlan-6ec2 channel 6I (17086) wifi: pm open, type:0, st: 0, sending null data: 0

    sadly that we and you did not find this before
    It is a pity that the company where I work has already given the money for other purposes. But we "meet" in the next year.

  • Hi @livius,

    I have checked your issue when trying to connect to WiPy's, and used the example code that you have posted here:

    The problem with your code is that the password: is not correct. The correct password is:

    As soon as you change the password you will see that the connection succeeds.

    The old password was used for the 1.0 version of the WiPy, but in the new documentation that applies to the LoPy and the WiPy 2.0 we have changed all references to reflect the new password. You should have also noticed that the password is different by trying to connect to the WiPy 2.0 using a laptop or a PC, but perhaps you haven't done it because you've been working exclusively using Pymakr and the serial port.

    Please try again with the correct password and let me know about your results. Thanks.


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    @livius Hi Livius, thanks and point taken.

    Let Daniel come back to you shortly with a final release dates for those points.

    Best wishes Fred

  • Sorry but my disappointment was reached apogee.
    Previously, i defended the team, it is a project kikstareter.
    You say you work up late nights - sorry i do not believe this now.

    1. On the main page, and when you buy there is no information that products are not ready. I did not buy WIPY on kickstarter only through the shop.
      There are beautiful presentations, illustrations and specifications in pdf that this small board is amazing. You buy and suddenly it turns out hmm .. what is going on here? You cheated? The answer is YES! I know in some post an administrator wrote that the board can be returned. OKAY. But it really is not the point!

    2. Now you launched a new campaign FiPy - personally thought that this update from the December 16th final will be supporting all the functionality presented.
      Where is the RTC. Where are interrupts. Where is the precise clock in microseconds? We thought that it will purchase at promotional kickstarter new fipy - five days left campaign. We thought that after the update of December 16, we will be able themselves to check our idea on WiPy, but as that WIPy does not work we does not have to invest money in FiPy. Personally, I need a working Wi-Fi + RTC + interrupt and nice to have SD. But unfortunately still can not connect the two WiPy between each other via WIFI. You can not fall asleep and wake up by the RTC or perform measurements at a given time.

    3. If you look at prices compared to product then you will see that you can buy arduino mini pro clone at 2$ + WiFi module at 5$ and all work like a harm. It is bigger and not python but work. Ask self what is the computer without working software? You can use the computer box as a stepper ;-)

    Any questions?

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    @mohpor Thanks Mophor!

    We totally understand the frustration... believe you me, we wish we could do more from our side. You can count on us to do whatever it takes to get things progressing. We have a further recruitment drive underway although impact will not be felt for several weeks. Either way we need to do a better job communicating. I will work on this from our side.

    Thank you again for the offer of support testing etc which is gratefully accepted.

    We will make this a success thanks to the support of you all. From our view we are all on the same team.

    Best wishes Fred

  • @Fred
    Good luck to both teams and I hope things will get better soon. Please don't take the frustration and disappointment personally. I do believe your work is wonderful but it doesn't help with our very tight schedule. In any case I suppose negativity doesn't help either side. You can count on the community to help with the progress as well. I as one am ready to lend a hand in testing at least. Count on us and keep up the good work.

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