Gpy and Arduino

  • I am working on a surveillance camera project that uses an Arduino to capture photos. Now I need to upload these photos to the cloud somewhow. Will I be able to transfer the data from Arduino to the Gpy?

    In other words how can I establish communication between an Arduino and Gpy?

    My project will be run off batteries and the Gpy with its low current draw seems perfect for this use case. However, I want to check first if it can be done before I purchase a Gpy.

    Thanks for any hints.

  • Hey @jcaron, thanks for your response.

    A picture is about 10-20KB in size but the Arduino can provide the data in small chunks, say 256 bytes or 64 bytes (whatever data packet size the GPy is comfortable with).

    As for support by the carrier, is there a good way to find out if the city I live in (Vancouver, Canada) supports LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT?

  • @dschnabel The GPy supports only the low-power, narrowband LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT. Neither is really adapted to sending large amounts of data, they're more geared towards sending small data packets rather than large files, so depending on the size of your pictures, and how many you want to send, they may not be adapted at all.

    Also, they both depend on support by the carrier, which is still a bit spotty or in experimental stages in many places.

    You'll probably have to share a few more details before one could really tell you whether it's an appropriate solution.

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