NB-IoT: How to send data in Non-IP mode

  • I have recently achieved non-IP call with FiPy with the recent Sequans SW 37781 using the below:


    The session is successful (attached S1-MME interface trace) can be found at the end.
    My query is how we can "inject" a non IP data packet using the socket lib and socket objects, as the classic AF_INET family needs a 5-tuple containing IP addresses and port details.
    Alternative solution can be a relevant Socket Dial: +SQNSD AT command but with no IP addresses and ports assigned?
    Some trials with AF_INET and SOCK_RAW were not successful. Can you help please?

  • Hi @stsiafak Just curious, were you able to send the data using non-IP mode? Also, how did you get the packet into wireshark?

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