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    Hi All,

    Just a quick heads up as we have BIG NEWS!

    We’ve got a new portfolio coming out called PYLIFE.

    When we setup Pycom back in 2015, our goal was to create an eco-system for all connectable things that removes barriers and reduces time to market for your connected ideas. We wanted to bridge that gap between developers and markets.

    We’ve given you a developer portfolio and are working hard to complete the rest of the stack.

    At the same time, we’re extending the portfolio to consumers… we’re doing this with a new brand.


    It’s the amalgamation of all Pycom technology that is now presented for consumers and something you can benefit from too (hint of “enterprise-ready included”). Rest assured that we have a solid plan in place to filter back into our developer product everything we develop at consumer level! More shall be revealed shortly!


    On Friday 28 September, which is this week, we’ll be sending a “Shared in Confidence” email with the Kickstarter Campaign Preview to all of our loyal customers (the ones we have in our database). If you’re one of them look out for the email in your inbox (and if you don’t find it there, then please try your spam folder – particularly for Google Gmail accounts).

    If you haven’t yet bought products directly from us, we have no way of reaching you via email so you can either register here before end of day Thursday 27 September or simply join us on Kickstarter when we go live on Tuesday 2 October next week.

    You can of course also decide to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @mypylife.

    We’ll post the link here on Monday or Tuesday morning so you can be at the ready to click for your heavily discounted Early Bird Packages :-)

    We hope to have peaked your interest.

    Until Friday Amigos!

    Fred, Bettina, and the Pycom Team

  • Hi @co_buckfast,
    You could do this with Pygo (the actual device from Pylife system).
    If you struct.pack you data as timestamp, latitude, longitude 4B each * 3 = 12Bytes per record; there are 4MB available for user. So @30 sec update rate (I guess it's enough), 2 hours are 120 data records, so just 2.9 KB.
    This could also be quickly prototyped with any Wipy/Lopy/Fipy + Pytrack, battery and IP67 case.
    Downloading the data could be done over FTP/Wifi.

  • What will be necessary (hardware & software) to have a PYLIFE attached to my dog and record her location (continuously) for 2 hours and then download to a PC the list of GPS datapoints (update rate?) of her adventure?

    I'm trying to figure out the capability of the device unattached to a mesh and not necessarily using a phone as the host.

  • @bettina Thanks for info. Yes, I'm your supporter from the LoPy Kiskstarter deal :)

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    @bmarkus Hi There, no you didn't miss anything. We've had some troubles on the Kickstarter platform which has meant we'll be delayed in launching the Kickstarter. The new go live date will be in November.
    However, the good news is we will release a Campaign Preview today so that everyone that we know in our community can se what we're planning.
    I believe you are part of our existing customer base so you should receive an email later with an overview and the preview details :-)
    Best wishes Bettina

  • Just looked into Kickstarter but the latest news from December 2016. Did I miss something?

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    @eric-waai Hi Eric, I would suggest you register on the link just to make sure :-)

  • @eric-waai Hi, I've just added a sign up link, so you can register here as well to get updates:

  • Does everyone who has an account on the forum get an email?

    I do have quite a few Pycom products and I'm interested in whatever PYLIFE is/ gona be.
    But i didn't purchased the products myself and the one at this company who bought them is probably not gonna notify me if he gets an email

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