LTE Available Towers

  • Does anyone have an example of how to query available LTE towers (cellid etc) with the Sequans modem? Ultimately I want to try and use the Google location API with this information to locate the GPy.

  • @panda With the command:
    lte.send_at_command('AT!="setDbgPerm full"')
    There is also :
    which gives you the command list, and
    lte.send_at_command('AT!="help <command>"')
    lte.send_at_command('AT!="help help"')
    telling you, how to use help to get the list section by section. The list is quite long.

  • The showDetectedCell command indicates permissions are required when it is executed. How do you get that command to work?

  • Thanks! I'll give that a shot.

  • @panda You can try the command:


    you might repeat that a few times, and it will show you detected cells.

    Also useful might be:


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