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  • Worked yesterday, but today I can't connect to Wipi via the Expansion Board 3.0. Clicking 'Pycom Console' in VS Code (v1.27.1, then 1.27.2) gives:

    Running the contributed command:'pymakr.toggleConnect' failed.

    Terminal reads 'Connection attempt canceled'.

    On the connect topic, the only way I could previously get a REPL prompt to perform an Upload while the program was in a while(1) loop was to:
    -Click 'Pycom Console' to disconnect
    -Power off chip
    -Connect P12 to 3.3V rail
    -Power on, pull P12 connection before 3s
    -Click 'Pycom Console' to connect.
    Is there a better way? Code a pin to exit the while loop? Am I missing something?

  • @gmedlicott it's not True by default, because older firmware doesn't support it. We have documentation for pymakr settings here

  • Making "safe_boot_on_upload": true in pymakr.conf worked for while(1) loop uploads, thanks! I feel like this should be 'true' by default (isn't 99++ percent of all embedded code in a main while(1) loop?). Or some documentation to that effect that would help future users.

  • @gmedlicott We're looking into the 'pymakr.toggleConnect' failed issue, thanks for reporting.

    I tried your second question, I'm able to upload even if it's in a while loop. (while(1) with a print statement) What are you doing in your loop? Have you tried enabling safe boot in pymakr.conf?

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