Provider Examples

  • Hi,

    I'm hardly missing an overview of how to do a simple connect with different providers, ordered by countries.

    The parameters differ slightly and it can be quite painful to explore these without a guideline.

    This is especially true for NB-IoT on Gpys.

    Maybe someone can open a new category like "example by provider" with exactly one entry per provider / country:

    • Germany-Telekom-NB1
    • Germany-Vodafone-M1
    • ... and alike.


  • @elizar Hi, it is a good idea, I've set up a new topic last week for Wireless Technologies which includes a Cellular subtopic. My idea was to have this conversation there, so you wouldn't have to search through multiple topics. Hope this helps!

  • hi @Elizar quite often the provider has some kind of getting started and or forum with people who use the network of the provider.

    there you find which AT commands and settings to use.
    since at commands are quite generic they often can be copy pasted and work witch none or a little changes

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