Mapping of G pins and P pin on Exp. Board v3

  • The Exp. Board v3 spec sheet shows GPIO mapping, which I suspect is wrong. The board itself shows G mapping.... Where on earth is the mapping between the P pins and the G pins?? If i used WiPy Spec sheet there is a mapping between ESP32 GPIO and P pins...Nothiing about G pins though. How are you supposed to know where the P pins are on Exp Board v3 ??

  • Thx @robert-hh !

  • @ldbm You have to match G and P numbers by the position. But Pycom could add a mapping table to the documentation. The Pinout of the Development modules show both the Pxx numbers and the GPIO numbers. The Pinout of the expansion board 2 and the printing on the board itself show the G numbers. These are the GPIO numbers of the WiPy1 module, which is out of sale. And for expansion board 3, these are not relevant any more, since the socket does not fit. So Pycom could drop the G numbers alltogether.
    And yes, the Pinout in the Docs for the expansion board is wrong. It tells GPIOxx instead of Gxx.

  • Hi @dan , that 's what we did but we could not match the ESP32 GPIO with the G number on the board. An older google search on Exp Board v2 instead showed some mapping P pin / G Pin that seem to work for finding UART 1 in this case, but generally speaking how do you match P and G pins ?

  • @ldbm This is a known issue, we're working on a revised pinout sheet. You can follow the WiPy's pinout sheet instead of the expansion board's.

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