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    Hi all-

    Are there any code examples of repeatedly sleeping for a bit, waking up and then broadcasting? A fairly common thing to do I would imagine?


  • daniel - As with many IOT apps they need to run off batteries for years. I am working on a Lora AG application like this so Sleep functions, RTC memory for saving variables, power consumption in various sleep modes is critical. Other functions like Lora Transmit followed by a Sleep call - does transmission complete before sleep? etc. These are some of the issues I have seen with some Lora IOT apps. I will willing test as soon as available.

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    @jomifo the sleep modes are not available yet. The ESP32 on our modules also has a powerful and flexible ultra low power coprocessor that can do work while the other 2 main cores are in deep sleep.

    As soon as we enable the low power functionalities we will announce it here on the forum.


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