Getting Started with GPS

  • Hi everyone i'm new to Micropython and Pycom and just got a LoPy4 and a PyTrack. I've tried following the Pytrack tutorial but I just can't seem to get any data. I'm in Oakland California USA and i'm assuming I should be able to get a signal. I've tried taking my laptop and the lopy/pytrack outside and sitting around waiting for it to connect but no luck. Is there any tests I can run or anything else I can try to debug this? It should work out of the box right?

  • @dfcarpenter could you try leaving the Pytrack for ~30 mins outside, to pick-up the satellites data, as this is a cold-start, could take a while. Also check with a mobile app how many satellites are visible on your exact position, it could be a glitch. You could try alternative GPS libraries like micropyGPS or this alternative L76GNSS module.

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