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    I know the Pycom folks are very busy on firmware and docs, but wanted to make this request in regards to a useful practical example that would cover some of the main common useful features of the LoPy and would really help me and I think others as well-

    The example would consist of a remote LoPy node with a sensor (lets say temperature) and a "gateway" node. The gateway node would get the sensor data via LoRa and also use Wifi to get the data into a traditional network (via sockets or http-request).

    The specifics I would like to see are the radio-related code on both nodes and the details of battery optimization (i.e. sleep/low-power modes).

    I plan to set-up sensor nodes like this on my farm and I know an example like this would help me tremendously.

    Maybe examples like this are planned for already?


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    Thanks @Ralph for the links. I will experiment with the LoRa examples. One thing that might help specifically in regards to the LoRa examples, which is a new technology to me and possibly a lot of others, is at least a short description of each example and why you might implement that example. I see terms like LoRaMAC, LoRaWAN with OTAA, LoRa with ABP, LoRa nano-Gateway, LoRa basestation, LoRa Gateway, etc. in the forums and examples and it is a bit overwhelming on where to start and what I need. Perhaps I need to do more research in LoRa. But still I think a little guidance could go a long way.

    Regarding fully implemented end-to-end, but simple, real-world examples (like the one I mentioned)- I think they will help flush out some details and best practices. It's possible these examples will naturally come out in the forum more once features like sleep are enabled.

    This is some great tech and looking forward to experimenting and using.


  • Hi @jomifo,

    Thanks for the request. We are now working on the docs an getting all examples organised in one place. In case you didn't find it yet, on the current docs there are a few lora examples:

    There is also a complete nano-gateway example on this forum post.

    Is this enough for you to get started? In any case, we'll keep expanding the examples and also include some complete example projects.

    The sleep/low power modes are not implemented yet, so I fear you'll have to wait a little longer for those features.

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