How to restore to default interface?

  • Hi
    I'm running pymakr 1.0.0b8 on Linux; I have by mistake clicked on 'Reset layout to factory defaults' in the preference pane, and now, I get a light grey interface with a completely different layout, and I don't even have the sync and run buttons.
    How can I restore the original layout? I tried deleting .eric6 and .pymakr directories in my homedir, uninstalling and reinstalling pymakr, but I always get the same ugly window.

    0_1482327432136_Screenshot from 2016-12-21 14-36-29.png Thanks for your help

  • @jnc Thanks - I had a similar problem.
    I hadn't seen the ~/.config/Pycom directory.
    There doesn't seem to be a ~/config/Trolltech.conf on MacOS, but getting rid of the pymakr* files cured the problem.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  • Hi @jnc, Good that you found the solution right away :) I'll add this to the task list to fix the functionality of this button.

  • Hi again,
    I thought I'd share the solution I found to my own problem :)

    running the following command did the trick

    rm -rf .eric6/ .pymakr/ .config/Trolltech.conf  .config/Pycom/pymakr*

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