Pylife and PyGo Kickstarter campaign - RELAUNCH

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    Dear all,

    I am pleased to confirm that we will be relaunching Thursday 15th November at 10h00 UK time.

    We have reduced the target significantly but we still need everybody's support! Lots of good reasons to support us such as discount vs the RRP pricing later on the web / enterprise cradle / IMU addition etc

    Thank you again for your continued trust in Pycom and our Roadmap!

    Best wishes
    The Pycom Team

  • Great to see :
    At €100,000 funding we'll create the Enterprise Cradle and you'll have the opportunity to add it to your pledge for €14.95."
    Before it was at EUR500,000.

    I think that many Pycom users are interested to use PyGo1/2 with Enterprise Cradle, so now it is more feasible.

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