Ad-hoc LoRaMesh networks

  • I have been trying to use some LoPys (LoRaWan + ThenThings Network gateways) with PyTrack to do some tracking in the mountains of western Norway. Results have not been great with signals getting lost pretty quickly when moving in the mountains. Problem is I want to place gateways on mountain tops with no power and internetts. Turns out LoRaWan gateways are pretty power hungry (we do not get much in terms of sun during the winter months so solar is out).

    I have been trying to use raw LoRa and synchronizing LoPys time using GPS clock to wake up all the LoPys at the same time, broadcast their position (sensors randomly wait between 0-60 seconds to avoid collisions) and if they are connected to a LoRaWan gateway send all received positions + their own. This sort of works but has a bunch of issues such as duplicate messages, essentially no security, only one extra jump, poor scalability, no spredfactor (SF) management +++

    Is LoRaMesh suitable for this kind of use where I would like to create an ad-hoc mesh network a couple of times a day, transmit their positions and battery life is an issue (need a couple of months)? Estimating up to 300-400 sensors in the mesh?

  • hi @sysfrog, I'm very sorry for completely missing this thread.
    Yes, full LoRaWAN gateways are pretty power hungry as always listening on 8 channels.
    Given 3 months old topic, is there still interest into this project? We could have a chat about it (please PM me). We could find the right Pymesh configuration/customisation to accomplish your requirements.

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