gpy in deep sleep

  • Re: Power Consumption Issue My gpy draws ~280mA @ 5v on the v2.1a expansion board, it drops to 220mA if I turn the wifi off. In deepsleep the current drops to 60mA regardless of if the wifi has been turned off or not. This is way too much for a battery powered application. What am I missing? Do I have to turn the lte modem off as well? I was hoping the modem might have some low power mode where it could stay attached/connected in sleep mode to save having to go through the whole time consuming attach/connect rigmarole after each sleep. Clues anybody?

  • My mistake. It looks like PSM and eDRX are implemented. See here. You guys may well have figured that out already as the update was a little while ago now. That would seem to fix your problem @kjm. I haven't seen anyone with current measurements on it so I would be curious to see what you get.

  • It doesn't look like eDRX or PSM are implemented. See here where we raised a similar issue.
    The current you're seeing in deepsleep is likely due to the lte modem, which must be manually turned off before going to deepsleep (see the bottom of the page here). Theoretically this is to give the modem the ability to wake the whole device from deepsleep, but there is really no information on how to actually make this happen.

  • @mattliddle It seems the PSM isn't fully integrated, because I'm also seeing sporadic 140mA peaks during deep sleep. Could be eDRX, but I'm not sure.

  • @einarj maybe I'm missing something, but how does the expansion board have any effect on deep sleep?

    Does anyone know how to get low current consumption in deep sleep???

    This seems like the biggest mystery.

  • @kjm I have the same issue with the latest NB modem FW. With the expansion board 3 it sometimes goes down to 1.12mA. Same issue with the FiPy as well.

  • Can't figure this gpy board out. If I run a simple 2 line program;

    import machine

    the board current drops to virtually nothing. But if I do anything else in the code with lte modem then the current in deepsleep can be anywhere between 50 & 150mA. I've tried everything, disconnect, dettach, at+cfun=0, deinit, time.sleep (to give it time to power down) nothing seems to work. What good is a card that only deepsleeps properly if you don't do anything else with it?

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