Pysense doesn`t connect when using external header

  • Hello Pioneers,

    For a project I use the external pins on the Pysense but now I can`t reached the shield anymore.
    I tried to connect it with Pymakr but the serial port is not visible, but when I connect of reconnect I hear the sound on my laptop for connecting a device.
    The firmware of the shield is 0.0.8.

    There is no Pysense visible in Device Manger or in the Pycom Firmware updater.
    As I connect an shield without headers on the external pins there is no problem.

    On the Lopy 1 that is connected on the shield the blue led flashes like he always do in operation mode.

    Is there anybody else that expericiening the same problem? And how did you solve the problem?

    Let me know.

  • @rskoniec
    On the gnd pin is a ground connected from a ldr, on the 3 volt pin is the ldr connected and the analog signal is converted to a digital signal to pin 3.
    The Pysense isn`t connected to the external board with the ldr when I was trying to upload the code.

    Now is there only ten headers soldered to the Pysense. I used a pair of female headers for the gnd and 3 volt pins and maile headers for the sensor pins

  • @han Please share which external header pins are you using and for connecting what (wiring).

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