Pinout documentation for development modules

  • The Pinout for the development modules shows the UART0 RTS and CTS and pins P11 and P8. I'm wondering for what purpose. At the same time, the documentation of the expansion board 3 does not tell, which pins, if at all, arfe connected to the RTS/CTS signals of the USB/UART bridge on the expansion board.If these are still at P19/P20 like for expansion board 2, then at least the documentation for Fipy should mention to remove the RTS/CTS jumpers when used on the expansion board (2).

  • @Paul-Thornton What is the answer to his question though? I too am very confused by the documentation for the Fipy and expansion boards. There is conflicting or outdated information regarding the expansion board v2.0 and v3.0. Often I don't know which is being referred to, and worse, Pycom's channel resellers like Mouser, Digikey, etc. often mix them up.

  • Thanks for pointing it out robert. ill get this clarified and the docs updated.

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