Backer Update #3 - Why Kickstarter?

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    Dear Amazing Backers,

    As promised, here is another update however this time, we wanted to share some insights as to why we chose Kickstarter and what it means to us.

    Here’s the very simple reason: It’s a fact that Kickstarter attracts an average of 1.5 million visitors per day. That means it’s a great way to reach out and create awareness and then to get feedback from our existing and new community looking to use our new products. Many of you who know Pycom had your first encounter with us here on Kickstarter when Daniel launched the WiPy some 4 years ago (how time flies!), and subsequently when we had formed Pycom and launched the LoPy and the FiPy campaigns.
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    Crowdfunding and Kickstarter in particular is simply a fantastic place to test a product out for viability. The fact that there is money involved makes the feedback even more authentic. Very simply put: If people are prepared to put money behind their thoughts and views on a product then it’s a good indication to us that the product is worth the investment in time, resources, focus and cash.

    The Kickstarter funds will stretch but probably not to cover all the costs of putting Pylife and PyGo into the world. We re-launched as we realised we’d created a needle-eye goal and have written a blog about it here. Consequently, as we’re still a young startup, we have to find other ways of funding this program. We have stayed away from institutional investors as we want to run a technology company freely focused on solving the important issues in the industry and not dreaming up a new way to charge monthly software charges (Software-as-a-Service also referred to as SaaS).

    We are big believers in innovating for the right reasons.
    We were the first Tech company in our industry to heavily promote the concept of Multi-Network connectivity (e.g. enabling a device to transmit/receive data using a number of radios). We were the first tech company to back the use of MicroPython as a cool way of programming embedded devices. Our view is that there must be an easier way for developers to program such modules. Python is one of the top and upcoming programming languages… as many of you will know, it’s what the majority of schools are teaching the children today.

    We’ve innovated and we’re at it again to push another concept whole heartedly: Let's de-centralise the Internet of things… TOGETHER!

    alt text

    Some of you are not developers, so let’s explain at what that jargon means? Simply put, we want to enable you and us to become the network used to transmit data. Our new PyGo devices enable everyone to set-up and have a greater control on their own connectivity and networks. With PyGo devices you can go with your friends to the most remote parts of the world and STAY CONNECTED amongst each other, and potentially to the outside world. We think it’s incredibly cool but try explaining that to a VC and you will need to explain recurring revenues, monthly billings etc… and so quickly start de-focusing on what we should be doing e.g. helping make everyone’s life easier with new bleeding edge technology.

    So, in summary, while we will never recover all our investment out of a Kickstarter campaign, for us it’s an incredible opportunity to get our message out to the Public and in return hopefully get your backing.

    We’re a bunch of 22 hardworking team members who love technology. We love the engagement with our community and customers - new and existing - and more than that we love hearing your stories of what brilliant ideas you’ve had and what you’ve connected.

    Sometimes, our community think we are bigger than what we are due to the amount of innovation we do in the industry but fact is we are still small but just work hard to make whatever we have go further. This is the spirit of GOINVENT - without barriers. It’s that same guiding light that made us create the Pylife and PyGos taking the ease-of-use one step closer to a finished product that works out of the box (if that’s what you want).

    We can’t wait to hear your stories about the PyGos too.

    Happy Sunday from us all!

    Best wishes


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