Arduino to update the firmware ?

  • Hello guys ! My first post here ! As you probably thought , I'm new to the Pycom boards , but im familiar to the NodeMCU . I have a quick question ... is there any way to update the firmware on the WiPy 2.0 with Arduino UNO as a programmer . I know that the Arduino can be set to be a programmer .

    Thank you in advance ,

  • @zahary-momchilov Yes. You can use WiFi. However it is advisable to have a generic USB/UART adapter with 3.3v output as second option. Any adapter with 3.3V output level will do. The latter sorts out most Arduinos.

  • So I just need a power supply and a computer supporting Wi-Fi ? And I can upload the firmware and code without any additional boards/stuff ?

  • You do not need a programmer. You upload your files via a serial 3.3V connection or with FTP/WiFi. The expansion boards, pytrack and pysense can use a micro-USB cable for the serial connection.

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