Transfert of a SiPy out of free account from Sigfox France to Sigfox Belgium ( Engie )

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    Hello All, is someone know how to transfert a SiPy who is out of the free account on Sigfox France to an paid account but on Sigfox Belgium ( Engie ) ?
    Thanks in advance for the solution.

  • Hello, in this link they answer quickly to all the doubts.
    Sigfox Ask


  • @jiemde It's a very good question
    Please have a look to this topic
    It seem it's a kill sword over the head of all sigfox product. I suppose you are located in france, have you try to call sigfox head quarter ?
    +33 (0)1 83 81 49 60 or +33 (0)5 34 31 03 16 (it seem that labège is mostly technical center and paris commercial place).
    I have to face the same trouble in some month, so please if you have an answer come back to tell us how you have solved it.
    It seem that the only actual solution is to buy connectivity in germany that allow individual subrciption (and not by ten pack as in france)
    But it's a pac transfert (your new operator is sigfox germany and you have to use their backend and callback).
    Sigfox support roaming (lorawan not actually) so you can have an europe wide coverture for your device) and use it in spain even with an germany contract (take care when you selection option for subscription)

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