What's with Atom pymakr & library files?

  • Normally when I edit a .py in Atom I don't even have to upload it to the gpy, I just click run and the newly edited version runs. But when I edit a .py file in the lib folder not only do I have to upload it to the gpy flash, I have to reset the gpy to get the newly edited version. I'm not making this up I've double checked. The edit is saved on the PC, it's there in Atom, it's in the gpy flash yet the unedited version persists till I do a gpy reset. Why don't .py files in the lib folder edit the same as .py files elsewhere?

  • when you click run just the single file your editing it sent to the board its literally as if you typed each line into the Repl. this is fine if its just your main.py script. but when libs need updating they dont get sent as you have discovered.

    The reason for the reset being required is to force micropython to reload its previously loaded and cached copies of libraries There are work arounds for hot reloading code, but its way easier to just reset the board during development

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