Expansion board 3.0 blinks 10x orange led

  • Hi there,

    I've connected VL53L0X range finder to SiPy + Expansion board 3.0 pins P10, P9, +5V and GND. When I turn the board on, the orange led on the Expansion board blinks 10x and the SiPy wont boot.

    If I disconnect any of the cables, it boots normally.

    Any ideas what might be happening? Any ideas how I need to configure if I wanna use the sensor via I2C?

    When I connected the sensor directly to SiPy it works ok.


  • Hi there,

    I got little more clarification to the issue.

    When I used I2C bus 1 (instead of default 0) and pins P10 + P11, I got the I2C bus to work. I've have the impression that I2C bus 0 and pins P9 + P10 might be reserved or something like this. Can anyone confirm if they're used by UART or button on Expansion board or something like this?

    Does anyone know, if 10x orange led blink on Expansion board is some error message? I did not find anything related to this while searching.

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